lunes, 4 de marzo de 2013


Do you like to hear rock and pop, Blues, Jazz, latino …?  Are you ready for something new than the usual?
Gian Marco is a successful songwriter from Peru and has won awards such as the Latin Grammy and others; a “Star” in the Latin American music business.
He published this year its eleventh studio album called "Dias Nuevos" (Eng. Last Days) with great successful .  But GianMarco is not only a singer and songwriter of his own music, he also  writes music for other artists as well such as Gloria Estefan and Marc Anthony.
GianMarco keeps working with great dedication as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador in Peru. In 2007, he gave a great benefit concert to support the victims of the devastating earthquake in Peru.
Gianmarco is a happy peruvian; he loves the traditional food and music with its originality and the typical instruments like the charango, a small stringed instrument that resembles a small guitar. 

   Here a litlle bit of his great talent! This song was 
   dedicated to PERU!

  Which is your favorite song and have you  the
  chance to experience Gianmarco live? Write to us!

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