martes, 14 de febrero de 2012

Mexican magazine praises Peruvian cuisine

Lima, Feb. (ANDINA). Mexican magazine Bleu&Blanc praised on Saturday Peruvian cuisine, adding that the high quality of the product was able to conquer the most demanding palates and the world’s most exclusive restaurants as well.

According to the article “El imperio del sabor” (the empire of taste), journalist Vivian Bibliowicz also lauded the wide variety of Peruvian typical dishes, which most of them have influences from four continents since the middle of the 20th century.
“We only have to mention that there are over 2,500 types of soup,” said the journalist after noting that the quality of Peruvian cuisine is due to the suitable conditions for the cultivation of fruits and vegetables.
The article also highlighted the richness of Peruvian sea, where several species of fishes are caught for the preparation of Peru’s emblematic dishes such as cebiche.
Moreover, Bibliowicz also mentioned the “perfect sweetness and sourness” of Peruvian flagship drink pisco sour, which is perfect before having Peruvian food.

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